Snoop Dogg Is Opening A Bored Ape Restaurant


Dr. Bombay’s Sweet Exploration will utilize the rapper’s Bored Ape Yacht Club symbol to secure a Los Angeles restaurant.

A cheap food joint called Bored and Hungry — the primary diner roused by a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT — opened in Los Angeles this spring. Presently the group behind that diner is acquiring rapper and NFT devotee Snoop Dogg to open up its next NFT-themed eatery.

Snoop Dogg and Food Fighters Universe—a startup co-founded by Andy Nguyen, Kevin Seo and Phillip Huynh—have announced plans to open Dr. Bombay’s Sweet Exploration, an “immersive retail dessert experience” that will similarly take root in Los Angeles.

Snoop Dogg Is Opening A Bored Ape Restaurant
Via Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong.

Dr. Bombay is the name that Snoop (conceived Calvin Broadus Jr.) has given his Bored Ape Yacht Club symbol. The Bored Ape Yacht Club is one of the most famous Ethereum NFT assortments, traversing 10,000 one of a kind symbols portraying unbiased animation chimps. The NFTs have altogether produced more than $2.1 billion in auxiliary market exchanging volume to date.

The Bored Ape Yacht Club, created by startup Yuga Labs, grants its NFT holders the right to commercialize their owned images. As such, Bored Apes have been used for products ranging from apparel to beer and marijuana packaging, as well as virtual band projects and upcoming film and TV productions.

As such, Snoop’s sweet café is not an “official” Bored Ape eatery made by Yuga Labs, however, the rapper is on good footing to utilize his claimed NFT picture for it. An NFT fills in as a proof of possession for a thing — for this situation, a computerized picture of a chimp that likewise gives admittance to a local area of proprietors and business freedoms and different advantages.

Exhausted and Hungry adopts a similar strategy as the forthcoming sweet shop. It highlights marking and style enlivened by Bored Ape and Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFTs claimed by the café’s makers, as Decrypt found while visiting the restaurant in April. Food Fighters Universe intends to send off own NFTs give different advantages around its eateries.

Snoop Dogg is already deeply entrenched in the NFT space. He owns Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs and has collaborated with projects such as The Sandbox on Ethereum and Clay Nation on Cardano. He also released NFTs based on the classic Nyan Cat meme.


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