YouTube Music’s new Spring Recap explores the seasons favorite songs

YouTube Music listeners now have a new Spring Recap that they can listen to, the streaming outfit has announced. Similar to other recaps including the 2021 Recap from the turn of the year, the Spring Recap will highlight the most popular songs, albums, playlists, and artists of the recent season.

YouTube Music announced the addition via a blog post, saying that people will find the Spring Recap landing page when they open the app.

Starting today, we’re excited to announce the launch of Spring Recap, an exploration of your top artists, songs, albums and playlists over the last season. Similar to the 2021 Recap, you’ll find your personalized content in the Spring Recap landing page on the YouTube Music app along with your personalized Spring Recap playlist. Want to tell your friends about your favorite songs of the Spring? Easily share your Spring Recap playlist and stats by simply tapping the arrow at the bottom of your stats card.

One of the best music streaming apps for iPhone and other platforms, Google’s YouTube Music dukes it out with Apple Music and Spotify for spots on Home Screens. As part of that, Google says that the new Spring Recap “isn’t a one time thing.” Subscribers should expect more of these seasonal recaps moving forward.

Other apps and streaming services offer recaps of the most popular music from the last year, but this seasonal approach is an interesting one — and one that does add new value for YouTube Music subscribers. It’ll also mean that music fans can see how their tastes change as the seasons evolve, or whether they remain the same throughout.

Don’t yet have YouTube Music? You can get the app from the App Store now.

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