Your iOS VPN may not be working as it should, and Apple has yet to fix it, claims researcher

A VPN is a “virtual private network” that can hide and encrypt your data connection on a device, such as the iPhone, by redirecting it through specially configured remote servers that are run by a VPN host. While there are plenty of third-party VPN apps on the App Store, they may not be working as intended because not all traffic is encrypted, according to Michael Horowitz, a self-proclaimed independent computer consultant and blogger, who has published a lengthy post about this specific problem. He also claims that Apple is aware of the issue but has yet to do anything about it since it was first discovered in 2020.

iOS has had this VPN security vulnerability since 2020

According to AppleInsider, this iOS VPN vulnerability was originally discovered in March 2020 by a VPN firm called ProtonVPN. Typically, when a user turns a VPN on, the operating system should then terminate all active internet connections and then automatically re-establish the connections through the VPN, preventing any kind of data leakage from occurring. But since iOS 13.3.1 and later, a bug was found where the active connection wasn’t actually terminated before establishing a new connection through the VPN. In short, the user would continue to use the insecure connection that they were on before connecting through the VPN.

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