You really didn’t know how bad it was, Mayor Eric Adams?


“I was shocked at how bad this place is.” That’s Mayor Adams’ 100% correct verdict on the dysfunction New York is currently dealing with, especially on crime and public safety. 

Kudos to the mayor for getting it right. But after the diagnosis must come the cure.

Just skim a small sample of some of our recent stories: 

It’s the same litany that’s gone on for months, and as Adams notes, the dysfunction in dealing with these problems reached crisis levels under Mayor de Blasio. He just didn’t care to tackle them.

Now Adams has a difficult job. He has to bring back to life a city crushed by terrible COVID rules, disastrous state criminal-justice laws and at least one DA who coddles crooks. To say nothing of the massive mess he inherited from his predecessor, whose left-field policies set the stage for the problems we see today on everything from crime to schools to the economy.

Eric Adams
The Mayor noticed issues throughout his shift that brought him major concerns.
Paul Martinka

Adams is making progress, driving down murders and shootings, trying to innovate policing and pushing ahead to help all New Yorkers. 

But he’s a former cop: public safety is his specialty. De Blasio left him a mess. But he’s got to fix it.


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