YOU must be vaxxed — but WE don’t have to be


Who watches the watchers? When it comes to the vaccination status of the federal government’s vaccine cops, it turns out: no one. 

In January, a 5-4 Supreme Court decision ruled that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services could continue requiring the healthcare providers and suppliers it certified to ensure their staff — including employees, volunteers and anyone else providing care — are vaccinated against COVID-19 if they wanted to remain eligible for federal funding.

Initially, the surveyors who oversee compliance with this mandate were also required to be vaccinated, but in a June 16 memo, CMS simply gave them a pass: This “guidance does not include any possibilities of penalties for noncompliance,” and the federal government “prohibits facilities from inquiring about surveyor vaccination status,” it wrote.

Meaning: The government’s own mandate enforcers aren’t expected to follow the very rules they’re enforcing. 

COVID 19 vaccine
CMS exempted the vaccine mandate overseers themselves from the vaccine requirement.
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This kind of hypocrisy only fuels the feeling that there are two sets of rules, one for elites and one for the little guy — a sentiment that has been validated during the pandemic as politicians used COVID rules to shirk their dutiespartied without masks and gave special vaccine exemptions to sports and entertainment stars.

If the government wants health-care providers to get vaxxed to remain in its good graces, it should have its own vaccine deputies lead by example. Otherwise, ditch the mandate and the double standard with it.


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