You know you don’t have to spend more than $100 on a tablet, right? The Fire HD 10 is currently half price

Tablets can be very useful devices – they can keep kids quiet on long car journeys, you can read and browse the web on them, and their big screens are great for social media. It’s also very easy to ignore the range simply because so many of them are very expensive – the cheapest iPad is still $300, Samsung tablets are becoming ever more expensive, and you’re never quite sure if a no-name brand is worth going for. The Amazon range of tablets, the Fires, are solid tablets that offer great entry-level specs at pretty spectacular prices – and at the moment, those prices are even better. The Fire HD 10 is now half-price, which means if you opt for the Ad-supported version, you’ll spend as little as $75. 

Amazon Fire HD half price

The Fire HD10 is not quite the tippity top of Amazon’s tablet line, but it’s a stellar performer for most use cases. As long as you’re not planning on doing any super strenuous workloads, like Photo or video editing, it will do pretty much anything you ask of it. The screen is plenty good enough to watch some movies on, the battery lasts long enough between charges to do a long car journey, and Amazon’s curated Android app store has all the apps you could ever need. No, it’s not a shiny iPad with an Apple logo on the back, but for $75? You can’t really go wrong.

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