Xenoblade Chronicles 3: All characters and how to unlock heroes

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, every character has specific skills and you need to take advantage of both their Combat Role and class to play effectively. Attackers hit enemies hard but will get targeted in return. Defenders can withstand several blows and make enemies focus on them. Meanwhile, Healers can provide stat buffs, replenish health points, or revive allies.

There are six main characters total that you will need to strategically use in battle, but you can also recruit several other heroes who can fight alongside you. Only one hero can be assigned at a time as your seventh team member, so you’ll want to understand their skillset to see if it fits the way you play. We’ll go over all Xenoblade Chronicles 3 characters and heroes along with their battle styles.

This page contains spoilers. If you don’t want any of the story ruined for you read no further.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: All Main Characters

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There are six main characters total in the vast world of Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Here they are listed next to their Ouroboros partners. 

All Main Characters
Character Starting Combat Role / Class Description
Noah Attacker / Swordfighter A soldier from Keves who wields a sword. He Interlinks with Mio to form an Ouroboros.
Mio Defender / Zephyr A soldier from Agnus who uses Dual Moonblades to protect her allies. She Interlinks with Noah to form an Ouroboros.
Lanz Defender / Heavy Guard He comes from Keves and uses a massive sword that doubles as a shield. He Interlinks with Sena to form an Ouroboros.
Sena Attacker / Ogre A powerful solider from Agnus who slams down her massive hammer on foes. She Interlinks with Lanz to form an Ouroboros.
Taion Healer / Tactician An intelligent young man from Agnus who puts enemies to sleep and increases ally damage. He Interlinks with Eunie to form an Ouroboros.
Eunie Healer / Medic Gunner She comes from Keves and sets up areas on the battle field that can increase ally stats or heal. She Interlinks with Taion to form an Ouroboros.

Interlinking partners into Ouroboros

From left to right, Ouroboros forms where Eunie, Noah, and Lanz are dominant.  (Image credit: Monolith Soft)

When a compatible pair of main characters come together, they can Interlink or fuse together into a powerful creature called an Ouroboros. This can happen mid-battle giving you more powerful attacks and Arts to use.

As explained previously; Noah merges with Mio, Lanz merges with Sena, and Taion merges with Eunie. The form and skills of the Ouroboros depend on which character becomes the leader during the fusion process. This means there are six different Ouroboros forms, each with a different focus:

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