Work for Apple? A new ‘Close Your Rings Challenge’ is now live just for you

iPhone Apple Watch Activity Rings HeroSource: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore

People who work for Apple can now take part in the company’s annual Close Your Rings Challenge, with the aim of the game being to try and get employees to move around more.

The new challenge kicked off on July 1, reports MacRumors, with employees able to team up with three other employees to try and close their Activity Rings and earn goodies.

“Over the course of four weeks, compete for bragging rights, points, and prizes as you move, exercise, and stand your way to a better you,” the company reportedly told staff as part of the challenge’s promotion.

The report notes that those who are able to earn at least 1240 points via the challenge will pick up a special performance jacket that will also have the familiar Apple Watch Activity Rings on the chest.

Apple runs these challenges every year and they’re only open to people who currently work for the company. The aim is said to be to get people to move more, something that can be a problem when you sit in an office all day — or at home, as Apple’s hybrid working model might allow.

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