Why I’m buying an Apple Watch for my 60-year-old mother


I’m horrible at giving gifts. In fact, it gives me pretty high anxiety. I always want to find something that means a lot to the person I’m giving it to, and nothing ever seems good enough.

With my mother’s 60th birthday fast approaching, I started getting that same feeling. I felt my stomach in knots and my mind running in circles as I browsed Amazon pages and stores in my city for something that she would love. Then, I realized the answer was on my wrist this entire time — I’m getting my mother an Apple Watch. 

Apple Watch saves lives

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As someone in their 30s, my best Apple Watch (opens in new tab) is more of a communication tool than anything else. Of course, I use fitness tracking when I do workouts, but I don’t often use many of the health features that the wearable provides. However, as my mom approaches her 60th trip around the sun, I’ve started to look down at my wrist and think of the potential of the Apple Watch in a new light.

It’s getting really hard to ignore the life-saving potential of the Apple Watch. Everywhere you turn, you see headlines about someone’s Apple Watch calling 911 (emergency services) when they couldn’t reach their phone or Fall Detection acting as intended and calling emergency services when someone was incapacitated. Heck, just this week, a woman found a heart tumor thanks to her Apple Watch (opens in new tab), which sounds like something ripped from the pages of a 90s sci-fi movie script — and it’s impressive! Having something on your wrist that can help save your life — and not only in emergencies but also through the detection of potentially life-threatening health issues — is one of the main reasons tech is so exciting.

The Apple Watch saves lives without much effort.


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