Where to preorder the new iPad 2022: get Apples most colorful tablets on release

The iPad 10th generation preorder window is here, and it looks to be a stunning tablet to purchase. 

If you’re anything like us (and if you’re here, then it’s likely that you are), then you’re definitely wondering how, where and when you can get a hold of one of the 10th Gen iPad 2022 models. Well, worry not – we know exactly where you can get your mitts on one, and when it’s going to arrive at your door.

The design has been completely rehashed from the old model. The aluminum shell has been reworked so that it now looks like the iPad Air, the screen has grown and taken over the entirety of the front of the device. You’ll find the camera now in the portrait position to make video calling better, and there’s a new A14 chip running everything to make sure it stays speedy. This is the refresh the base model iPad has been waiting for – but it comes at a price.

The new iPad is now $130 more expensive than the previous model – and while you’re getting a lot more tablet for the money, it is still a lot to spend on what is supposed to be the budget option for everyone. Either way, if you want one on release, then you’re going to want to preorder – and here are the best places to find one.

Where to preorder an iPad 10th-gen

  • Find iPad 10th generation preorders: B&H photo (opens in new tab) | Walmart (opens in new tab)

Preordering an iPad 10th-gen — what you need to know

  • It is available from the 26 October.
  • It starts from $449 for a WiFi model
  • There are four colors – Silver, Yellow, Pink, and Blue
  • You’ll need a new case for the new shell
  • Watch out for stock – other Apple product launches this year have quickly sold out.

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