WhatsApp emoji message reactions could be about to get much cooler


WhatsApp message thread on iPhone XSource: Luke Filipowicz/iMore

While WhatsApp recently added the ability to react to messages using emoji, it only offers a handful of options for people to choose from. That could all change soon enough, with a new report showing ongoing work to unlock the full library of emoji for people to use.

Reacting to a WhatsApp message is pretty great right now, giving people the chance to respond to a message without typing out text. That’s great if you want to give a message a thumbs up, but what if there needs to be a little more nuance. That could soon be possible with WABetaInfo reporting that WhatsApp is ready to test allowing people to react using any emoji whatsoever.

While the feature isn’t yet ready for beta testers, let alone the version of WhatsApp that’s in the App Store, it’s clear it’s something WhatsApp is working on and it’ll give us all more ways to react to messages than ever before.

As you can see in this screenshot, WhatsApp is also working on bringing the same feature to the iOS app. In this case, WhatsApp has developed a draggable section where you can easily select and search for any emoji you want to use for reacting to the message! In addition, we can also find a row dedicated to our recently chosen reactions in the same section.

The new system appears to give people the option to quickly select one of six emojis, just like we have now. But an additional button will unlock the full iOS 15 emoji picker, including a list of the most recently used ones.

There’s no telling when this feature will be live, but it’s definitely an addition that will help cement WhatsApp’s position as one of the best iPhone instant messaging apps around once it arrives.


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