Verizon to offer Apple One over Disney Plus as new add-on

Apple fans with a Verizon subscription just got something pretty ace – the option to add the Apple One subscription service to the contracts. Its something that’s been available on other networks for a little while, such as UK network EE. It offers the full gamut of Apple services, including Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, Apple Music and iCloud saving a little along the way. It currently looks to be something that’s replacing the Disney plus subscription that you could previously add.

Actually, it’s more than a little extra. This is an expensive addition to your phone contract by the looks of things, with the plan costing around the same as the ‘5G Get More’ plan. It’ll cost around $100 a month, and you’ll get a little less mobile hotspot data than the most expensive plan, along with that Apple One subscription. You will, however, receive unlimited 5G data, up to 50% off a watch, tablet or hotspot plan.

Verizon One Plan

(Image credit: Verizion)

Of course, you’ll have to pay for your phone on top of this plan, so this definitely isn’t ‘cheap’. It could save you a lot of money, however, especially given the extra cell service you’re receiving. There’s, according to Verizon, ‘$39.95/ month value’ included, although it doesn’t outright say how much you save – so we worked it out!

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