Use Outlook as your iOS email app? You may notice more ads.

While Apple’s own built-in Mail app does the job for many, others like to seek alternative email apps with more power features, such as Microsoft Outlook. But if you’re an Outlook user, you may have noticed something creeping in to your inbox in recent months: ads. According to The Verge, Microsoft has been putting more ads into the Outlook Mobile app for both iOS and Android in recent months.

Microsoft adds ads to push users to subscribe to Micorosoft 365

For those who don’t use Outlook mobile, it combines everything into a single inbox, or you can have a view that utilizes tabs and splits it up into two categories: “Focused” with important mail, and “Other” with everything else. For those who use Outlook for free, Microsoft was only putting ads in the “Other” tab, but you’ll now also find them in the single inbox mode as well. The only way to avoid most ads is to use the Focused view.

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