Ukraine hangs in the balance and Putin needs to be stopped


The Ukraine war has reached a tipping point; the US needs to do everything it can to make sure Moscow madman Vladimir Putin’s cynical war of aggression fails. 

The facts on the ground are grim. Putin now controls some 20% of Ukraine’s territory, a wide slice of its resource-rich southeastern lands comprising a more or less complete corridor between Crimea — his possession since 2014 — and the Russian border. 

His leverage over these new possessions is only going to increase the longer he holds on to them. Come winter, with Europe facing fuel shortages, his sway among EU governments will increase dramatically. Our own economic troubles and midterm elections in November are already contributing to war fatigue among the public and dragging away the focus of our politicians. 

In short, despite the bravery of the Ukrainians, the support they have had so far from the West and Russia’s own logistical screwups, the odds may be turning in Putin’s favor. 

That can’t be allowed to happen: A Russian victory would mean disaster for Ukraine and deal a major blow to US interests. The time for America to act is now.  

Ukrainian servicemen
Ukrainian servicemen on their position near the frontline in Kharkiv region, Ukraine.
AP/Andrii Marienko

How? Break the Black Sea blockade and let Ukraine’s wheat onto the global markets. Putin’s suffered two big defeats at sea, most recently the expulsion from Snake Island; there will not be a more opportune moment. Doing so would countervail his growing control of Ukraine’s coast and help stabilize food supplies. 

We can better arm the Ukrainians. Provide them with more of the advanced missile systems they need. Reverse the US position on MiG deliveries. Lethal aid has never been more necessary given Putin’s territorial gains. 

And we can end our domestic war on energy to help lower our own and Europe’s dependence on Russian oil and gas and deprive Putin of using revenue from it to finance his aggression — by doing everything we can to get abundant US resources out of the ground.

The Biden administration has handled this crisis as incompetently as it’s handled our domestic difficulties. That does not, however, forestall taking smart, decisive action now. 

Putin’s Ukraine war is a war against the West as much as it is against Ukraine. There’s still time to stop him. But the clock’s ticking.


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