UK company creates door key you can find with your iPhone

A UK company has created a door key you can use with Apple’s Find My network to ensure you never lose your house keys again.

Brisant Secure announced today:

Leading UK security brand, Ultion, has unveiled a door key that uses the Apple Find My network to help locate an Ultion key when lost.

KeyTag can sit inside any Ultion key and benefits from all the features Find My has to offer, including notifying users’ iPhone, iPad, and Mac if the key has been left behind, or playing a sound to locate it when nearby.

KeyTag uses the same network as Apple’s AirTag so you can always find it if it goes missing. KeyTag works inside the company’s Ultion key, it’s just 11mm thick and has a replaceable battery. The key can also play a sound when within Bluetooth range to help you locate it. You’ll also need one of the company’s Ultion locks to take full advantage.

While Apple’s AirTag might be a great solution to stop you from losing your keys, Ultion has gone one step further with a key that actually is an AirTag, basically. It’s a really interesting and discrete design and could prove a useful solution for anyone who doesn’t want to invest in AirTags, or as an alternative to free up your AirTag for tracking something else.

You can read the full release here.

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