UGREEN DigiNest Pro Charging Station review: Powerful charging for the professional desktop


The more devices you use daily, the more ridiculous your charging situation can become. Especially if you have multiple monitors and a printer, you’ll need AC ports along with the standard USB-C options. If your professional workspace is cluttered, a heavy-duty charging station will be required to juice up all those large and small electronics. 

UGreen understands that professionals need more than just a couple of USB ports; its 100W DigiNest Pro features three AC outlets alongside three USB-C and one USB-A outlet. Altogether, that’s a total of seven devices you can charge at once. The GaN II technology also provides fast charging for your best MacBook and mobile devices while staying cool and consistent. Although it’s not the most compact desktop charging station, it is definitely the most robust and powerful I’ve used. 

UGREEN DigiNest Pro Charging Station: Price and Availability

UGREEN 100W USB C Charging Station, DigiNest Pro Desktop GaN Charger

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Although some UGreen products can be found at Walmart and Newegg, this one is only available at Amazon and the official UGreen website. At the writing of this article, the best deal you’ll find is on Amazon, where the Diginest Pro is going for $90, a full $40 less than on UGreen. If a better deal comes along, we’ll post it in the Deals section


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