Trump’s gripes are beyond ridiculous

Former President Donald Trump just slammed Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell (again), blasting him for not stopping the Democrats’ latest spending blowout (the laughably named “Inflation Reduction Act”), which Trump imagines he could’ve done by blocking the latest lifting of the federal debt ceiling, and for generally being “a pawn for the Democrats to get whatever they want.” Ridiculous.

And not just because Trump handed the Senate to the Democrats with his “stolen election” lunacy determining the December 2020 runoffs in Georgia. That’s what’s allowed Dems to burn trillions, even as McConnell rallied universal GOP opposition.

Fact is, McConnell was crucial to most of Trump’s successes as president, steering his tax cuts into law and getting his judicial nominees confirmed at a record rate.

Not to mention staring down then-President Barack Obama and the Democrats throughout 2016, refusing to allow a vote on the Merrick Garland nomination and so letting Trump pick a new Supreme Court justice. McConnell “is afraid of” the Dems, Trump claims. Hah!

Donald Trump
Donald Trump criticizes McConnell for not stopping the Democrats’ latest spending blowout.
Getty Images/Justin Sullivan

As for blowing up the debt ceiling: That would leave Uncle Sam unable to pay the bills — stopping Social Security checks from going out, among other disasters. It’s hard to imagine a more certain way to elect more Democrats this fall, who’d then spend even more trillions.

Trump’s just peeved that McConnell refused from the start to endorse his “I really won” nonsense — another stand that proves Mitch is exactly the leader Senate Republicans need.

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