Top Gear’s Chris Harris life of cars, part 2


Following on from Part 1, here is part 2 of Top Gear’s Chris Harris life of cars.

Top Gear is the most famous car show, and Chris Harris is the small chap with no shortage of driving talent, who brings the wheelman element to the TV trio. In something of a Late Brake Show exclusive Jonny takes his awful brown easy chairs down to Bristol to chat about Chris’ life in and around cars, from work experience at Autocar, to the heady Top Gear madness of today.

In this two-part Idol Chat, Harris, typically very guarded about his personal cars and private life, shows Jonny some of his charismatic automotive possessions and opens up about what his career journey has been like; What it’s like to drift fast cars, throw eggs at Matt LeBlanc in a 2CV, break into YouTube world, crash a bit, race a bit, receive random phone calls from Chris Evans, get trolled and let a puppy eat his Porsche 911 GT3. 

Hope you enjoyed this video and a personal look at Chris Harris’s cars and car stories.

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