Today’s Google Doodle is the best one Google has ever made


If you’re currently battling through hump day two of the week, here’s something certain to put a smile on your face — the Google Doodle for 1 December 2022 (opens in new tab) might just be the best one that Google has ever made.

Why? Because it lets you make your very own video games, right inside of your browser.

It focuses on the achievements of Jerry Lawson, the games engineer innovator who invented the video game cartridge way back in 1976, for the Fairchild Channel F console. Born on December 1, 1940, and passing away in April 2011, Lawson’s achievements have not always been given the reverence they deserve, not least of all because he was one of the first black games developers.

Google Doodle for 1 December 2022, starring Jerry Lawson

(Image credit: Google)

Super Jerry Lawson Maker


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