This WhatsApp concept imagines stealing a huge iMessage feature


Ios 15 Focus HeroSource: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore

WhatsApp could one day take a leaf out of the Messages app’s book and show people when the people they’re messaging have a Focus enabled. But right now, it’s only available in concept form.

Message users are already making use of Focus Status, a feature added to iOS 15 that allows apps to show when other people have a specific Focus mode enabled — like Do Not Disturb, for example. That means that people sending messages will always know when the recipient is in a situation where they won’t receive a notification. As of right now, WhatsApp doesn’t support such a feature, but WABetaInfo has created a concept that imagines that it could.

As you can see in this concept, when you open a WhatsApp chat with contacts that have a focus mode enabled, there will be a new system message placed at the bottom of the conversation so you can understand whether a contact is available for a conversation. Yes, people may not want to share this information on WhatsApp, so there should be implemented a new toggle right within WhatsApp Settings to manage this feature.

WhatsApp is already thought to be readying support for a feature that will alert people if they miss a call because they had a Focus mode enabled, but it isn’t yet ready for prime time.

WhatsApp has long been one of the best iPhone apps for staying in touch with non-iMessage-using friends and family, but a ton of people use it as a replacement for iMessage as well. Being able to see when the person you’re messaging is unavailable will help them determine whether a reply is likely — and even punch through and force a notification in the case of emergency, too.


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