This iOS 16 vs iOS 2 icon comparison video is the nostalgia trip you need in your eye holes


Apple announced iOS 16 during its WWDC22 opening keynote earlier this week and it is the most modern-looking operating system it has ever shipped. But how does it stack up to one of the oldest iOS releases? A release so old that it wasn’t called iOS, but rather iPhone OS?

As you might imagine, it stacks up very well indeed. In fact, this new comparison video comparing iOS 16 and iPhone OS 2 icons just highlights how low-resolution the old operating system was. Right out the gate, the example of the old and new App Store icons is striking — and it continues from there.

It isn’t just the resolution, either. The video shows us the oft-forgotten OG Calculator icon, while the old Camera app is arguably still better than the one we have to tap on modern iPhones and iPads. Watch the video and prepare to feel all nostalgic for a few pixels on a screen. Some of those old icons are that good — definitely some of the best iPhone icons we’ve had to date.

Apple’s iPhone OS 2 originally powered the OG iPhone and iPhone 3G as well as the first couple of iPod touches, long before Apple built the massive iPhone, iPad, and services businesses that we know today. It was also an update that iPod touch owners had to pay for — a $9.99 fee that was mandatory under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. iPhone owners got the upgrade for free, however. Fun times!

It was a big update, too! iPhone OS 2 brought us the App Store, allowing iPhone owners to install third-party apps for the first time. It also, believe it or not, added support for taking screenshots and geotagging of photos. Those used to more recent iPhones don’t know how we had to live back in 2008!


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