These Kindles for little ones have some of the biggest price drops of all

Reading books is cool, but kids want to be able to use their technology while they do it. You could get them an iPad, but that’s expensive and heavy. What you need is a Kindle that’s aimed squarely at children and Amazon has deals on two of them — the Kindle Paperwhite Kids and Kindle Kids.

Both of these Kindles do the same thing at their core — they offer kids the chance to read books downloaded from the Amazon Kindle store and read them on a gorgeous display. Both come with kid-friendly covers in various colors and both come with a free year of Amazon Kids+ thrown in. That’ll give them access to popular titles and series for free for 12 months, although a monthly $5 subscription will kick in after that time.

The real differences between the two come in the display. The Kindle Paperwhite Kids comes with a 6.8-inch 300ppi display, while the cheaper Kindle Kids has a 6-inch 167ppi display instead. Both work well, but those who want the sharpest of text and to have as much space for words on-screen will want to go with that Paperwhite version — that’s just the way it is, unfortunately. Both are great additions to the home, however, and any bookworm would be lucky to get one of these to call their very own.

Tons of books, two bargain e-readers

Kindle kids reader

Kindle Kids | $49.99 at Amazon

This Kindle Kids e-reader would normally set parents back $110 but those ordering this Prime Day will save more than half and pay just $49.99. There’s also a free year of Amazon Kids+ thrown in for good measure, too.

$49.99 at Amazon

Kindle paperwhite kids reader

Kindle Paperwhite Kids | $104.99 at Amazon

This kids’ version of the popular Kindle Paperwhite would normally sell for around $160 which is a lot more than the $104.99 that you will pay if you place an order today. The high-resolution 6.8-inch display is one of the best in the business and now kids can enjoy it as well.

$104.99 at Amazon

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