The Trump election nightmare is now complete


The Trump election nightmare is now complete: Herschel Walker lost an eminently winnable George Senate race to far-left Rev. Raphael Warnock Tuesday.

The vote vastly augments Dem power in the Senate via a 51-seat majority — there’s no need to appease Joe Manchin on every big bill any longer; judicial confirmations become far easier. 

So average Americans should brace for more pain, courtesy of our whiny former president. 

Walker was a Trump candidate through and through. More or less hand-picked by The Donald, Walker proved unable to make a coherent case for himself.

And so he lost by almost three points to Warnock in a state that saw massive GOP margins elsewhere: eight points in Brian Kemp’s gov victory, nine points in the secretary of state contest, etc. It’s yet more proof that Trump can’t pick winners, and that his endorsement is politically toxic. 

But there’s more blame to go around: Ronna Romney McDaniel, the RNC chair who has overseen three bloody cycles for the GOP now, also deserves a truckload. 

Donald Trump announces a third run for president as he speaks at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida on Nov. 15, 2022.
Donald Trump’s endorsement is politically toxic.

She’s another Trump pick. Now nominally independent of him, she made no real effort to counteract his malign influence on the GOP’s national political strategy. And Republicans have less hope of a 2024 recovery with her “leading” them.  

Our pick is Rep. Lee Zeldin — who delivered a red typhoon in New York state and handed the GOP a House majority, but says he won’t run as long as McDaniel has her re-election locked in, thanks to insider politics-as-usual. 

Yet the party of Lincoln needs new blood. It’s time to move past Trump and his useless apparatchiks. If McDaniel really cares about the future of the country, she’ll vanish of her own accord. 


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