The stunning Keychron Q5 mechanical keyboard is now on sale


Keychron has made a name for itself for offering gorgeous, well-built, and reliable mechanical keyboards, and lately, it’s been trying its hand at custom offerings as well. The new Q5 is the latest to come out of Keychron and it’s a gorgeous 96% keyboard that you can order right now.

Larger than the other custom mechanical keyboards offered by Keychron — like the Q1, Q2, and Q3 — the Q5 is offered in both fully assembled and barebones kits with prices that start at $165. Three colors are offered with Carbon Black, Silver Grey, and Navy Blue being some of the best the company has slathered its keyboards in to date.

As you’d expect, the Q5 supports both macOS and Windows and comes with a switch for selecting which one you’re using at any given moment. It also comes in two versions, one with and one without a knob for controlling things like music volume.

But none of this really matters. You just need to see this thing to know that you want one.

Setting the best example for efficient space usage, the Q5 has a compact 96% layout design while retaining all the essential functions and number keys. With its full metal CNC machined body, double-gasket design, and QMK/VIA support, the Q5 is the ultimate choice for an almost full-size keyboard.

If all of that hits the spot you can order a Keychron Q5 right now firect from the manufacturer although your favorite third-party reseller might be able to help out, too.

Could this be the best mechanical keyboard for your Mac? It’s too early to tell and we’ll be looking to review one soon — but if the real thing is anything like as good as that video makes it look, it’s going to review well!


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