The Special Edition Splatoon 3 Nintendo Switch OLED is still in stock – but only in one place. Here’s where to find one

Nintendo makes some of the coolest special edition consoles, and this one with its Splatoon 3 theming is one of the prettiest around. It’s also been out of stock almost everywhere, with the funk anthropomorphic squid-themed system selling out on day one. Those still searching for a special edition Switch will be glad to know you can still get one at a reasonable price – some stock remains at Walmart.

Splatoon Nintendo Switch OLED still in stock at Walmart

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While it’s received a very cool-looking fresh lick of Splatoon 3-themed paint (or ink), the Nintendo Switch OLED that comes in the box remains much the same as the one you can buy normally. The bigger OLED screen is still stunning to play games on, and that extra real estate makes some games even better than on the original Switch.

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