The Post endorses Nick Langworthy for Congress


In New York’s 23rd congressional district GOP primary, The Post heartily endorses Nick Langworthy.

Langworthy is a solid Republican and the youngest-ever chair of the state GOP, a role he’s served in since 2019. Look for him, if victorious, to champion sensible economic and social policies against the mix of greed, pandering and posturing that makes national politics so ugly. 

All of which is in stark contrast to his opponent: the Buffalo Wingnut, real-estate developer Carl Paladino. 

As we wrote when Paladino entered the race, the man is “the absolute last person” Republicans in Western New York should have representing them. He has an ugly history of comments veering from racism to homophobia to conspiracy theories. 

These include blasting “damn Asians” for daring to attend the University of Buffalo in 2015, as well as saying Michelle Obama should go to Africa and live “in a cave with Maxie, the gorilla” in 2016. 

Don’t forget his praise of Hitler’s leadership abilities in November, or his sharing a post on Facebook claiming the mass shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde were part of a gun-grabbing conspiracy in June, or his saying US Attorney General Merrick Garland “probably should be executed” last week.  

Heck, the guy is so toxic that Ellicott Development, the company he founded, memory-holed him on its own website. 

Carl Paladino
The Post believes Carl Paladino should not considered to represent Western New York because of his racist and homophobic remarks.
Shawna Stanley for NY Post

Statements like these are unforgivable enough. But voting someone like Paladino into the general would send an ugly message to the minority voters the GOP has been gaining of late (thanks to Democrats’ woke BS and disastrous economic policy): not welcome

Not only is it immoral, it’s political suicide. Vote Langworthy for the health of the GOP and the nation — neither of which needs a race-baiting, bile-spewing crank thrust into the spotlight. 


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