The NYT’s blatant bias, Biden’s debt-ceiling switcheroo


This correction:

We say: The Times blames Republicans for using “debt” as a “political tool,” presumably because they object to Democrats’ endless spending — which, uh …  drives up debt (and inflation). The Gray Lady could have just as easily blamed Dems for using “spending” as a political tool, since they refuse to slow the growth of outlays. But the paper takes its orders from left-wingers, who demanded the “correction.” And showed its blatant bias in the process.


“This is Jim Crow in the 21st Century.” 

— President Biden, March 2021

We say: When Georgia passed its Election Integrity Act in 2021, President Biden (and other Dems) blasted it as an “un-American law to deny [black] people the right to vote.” Yet a new University of Georgia survey found that 91.6% of black voters say voting in 2022 was easier, or at least no more difficult, than in 2020; 72.6% actually said their voting experience was “excellent” — and not a single one ranked it “poor.”

This claim:

“We will continue to champion the best interests of those outside the political apparatus … and always legislate on behalf of people before power.”
— State Sen. Mike Gianaris in City & State, Monday

We say: Nice try, Mike, but who’s going to believe that when you and other hard-left progressives run the Senate? You’re the Senate’s deputy majority leader, after all; you are the “power.” And you legislate not “on behalf of people” but at their expense, favoring special-interest groups, like unions — as you did recently when your cabal nixed Gov. Hochul’s pick for chief judge, Hector LaSalle.

Spot the difference:

“Some [lawmakers] are still unwilling to budge [on the debt ceiling] by taking an absolute position: my way or no way. That’s not governing.”

— Then-Vice President Joe Biden, 2011


“We will not be doing any negotiation over the debt ceiling . … This should be done without conditions.”

White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre, Jan. 2023

We say: Looks like the White House is saying “my way or no way” when it comes to debt-ceiling talks — which, according to Biden in 2011, counts as “not governing.”

This tweet:

MSNBC contributor Ruth Ben-Ghiat called Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis an authoritarian after he supported teachers confiscating cellphones from students during class.
MSNBC contributor Ruth Ben-Ghiat called Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis an “authoritarian” after he supported teachers confiscating phones from students during class.

We say: MSNBC columnist and NYU prof Ruth Ben-Ghiat describes herself as an expert on “authoritarians,” but it seems like she doesn’t even know what the word means. No one is an “authoritarian” for backing teachers who want to take away cellphones during class. Some rules are necessary; kids should be paying attention. And, by the way, DeSantis won November’s democratic election by the largest margin in years. Even Ben-Ghiat knows her tweet was ridiculous: She deleted it.

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