The New York Times is on a ‘jihad’ against the UK and Queen Elizabeth

Remember when people used to call the New York Times “the paper of record”? How that has changed. Today the paper doesn’t inform its readers — it preaches to them. And it lies to them.

That is what they have done in recent years about my own country of birth — Great Britain. The cause seems to be that in 2016 the British public failed to take the advice of the NYT and had the cheek to vote for Brexit. Since then the paper has carried out a jihad against Britain. For six years they have been running hit-jobs on the country.

They have pretended that the British public still subsist on mutton and gruel. They have claimed that the country is a poverty-stricken wasteland. And week after week they have, inevitably, accused Britain of being “racist.” Now, with the death of the Queen, the paper has stooped yet lower. It didn’t wait even a few hours to run its first hit-piece on the 96-year old monarch. Since last week’s news there has been a daily diet of malcontents attacking the Queen for the Empire, colonialism and even slavery.

Now the paper is moaning about the cost of the Queen’s “elaborate” funeral and complaining that this is happening at a time of “soaring energy prices and high inflation.” Funnily enough the British people don’t at all mind paying for a state funeral for a much-loved monarch who headed a massively popular and respected institution.

By comparison I can’t imagine who would even bother attending the ceremony if the old Gray Lady passed on.

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