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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a huge game and a difficult one, too. The game’s opening hours are rough but can be made a lot easier if you have some amiibo nearby. Just about every amiibo can be scanned into the game once a day to spawn resources, rupees, and even exclusive gear. All amiibo are not the same, however. There are plenty of compatible amiibo available. Still, we recommend grabbing Link, one of the best Breath of the Wild amiibo, from the Super Smash Bros. amiibo line. If not for the great weapons and outfit, then for the chance to ride Epona again.

Editor’s Note: Some of the amiibo you see in this list are no longer in circulation and will be more difficult to track down and more expensive than the standard retail pricing for one of these amiibo figures. They also tend to go out of stock extremely quickly. You can also purchase used or imported amiibo. They are not region-locked.

Link Amiibo Home

Source: Zackery Cuevas / iMore

This amiibo of Link depicts him as he appeared in Twilight Princess. Scanning this amiibo for the first time will unlock Link’s trusty steed, Epona. She appears as a wild horse, so you’ll need to tame her as you would any other horse. Don’t forget to register at a stable if you want to keep her and use her whenever you want.

Epona is not the best horse in the game but she’s better than most of the horses you’ll find in the wild near the start of the game. Also, who doesn’t want to ride Epona? Ever since she made her first appearance in Ocarina of Time, she’s been Link’s trusted steed. Riding another horse just doesn’t feel right.

This version of Link also has a random chance of dropping the Cap of Twilight, Trousers of Twilight, and Tunic of Twilight. Put that outfit on, and you’ll look just like Link from Twilight Princess, which was the most popular version of Link until Breath of the Wild came around. Other drops include the Knight’s Broadsword, Soldier’s Broadsword, Traveler’s Sword, matching shields, and arrows of all types.


  • You’re guaranteed Epona
  • Drops a wide range of swords, shields, and arrows
  • Will also drop the Twilight outfit for Link


  • There are better-looking versions of Link available as amiibo

Best overall

Link Super Smash Bros

Link (Super Smash Bros.)

The hero’s journey

The Twilight Princess amiibo offers plenty of spoils to help players on their journey, and one, in particular, that’s worth the price of admission alone. Scanning this amiibo will spawn Link’s steed, Epona.

Wolf Link Amiibo Home

Source: Zackery Cuevas / iMore

Speaking of Twilight Princess, turn your attention to the amiibo version of Link’s alternate form from that game. The Wolf Link amiibo features the wolf version of Link standing on some stone, with the mischievous imp Midna sitting on his back. Originally released with The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD on the WiiU, you can now find Wolf Link on his own. He might be hard to find, but he’s worth the hunt.

Tapping the amiibo will spawn Wolf Link in-game. Throw continuity right out the window! Wolf Link will fight alongside you until he is defeated. After that, he’ll poof away until he’s summoned again. Wolf Link is a formidable ally, but he only spawns with three hearts, which means he won’t last long if he takes a hit from a strong enemy. Herein lies the biggest issue with Wolf Link—upgrading him.

The good news: It is possible to upgrade Wolf Link. The bad news? The only way to upgrade Wolf Link is by playing Twilight Princess HD on the Wii U. You have to play through the whole game to upgrade Wolf Link. If you have a Wii U, a copy of Twilight Princess HD, and some time on your hands, upgrading Wolf Link can be extremely helpful. Maybe not enough to spend hundreds of dollars, though.


  • Your very own wolf companion
  • Wolf Link can help you hunt items as well as enemies
  • The amiibo construction is great


  • Upgrading this amiibo requires an older game on an older system
  • No additional weapon or item drops

Best companion

Wolf Link

Wolf Link and Midna

Over the moon

The Wolf Link amiibo brings the wolf to Breath of the Wild. Unfortunately, you can no longer upgrade him without jumping through a couple of hoops.


Zelda Botw Guardian Amiibo

Source: Rebecca Spear / iMore

The Guardians are ancient machines created by the Sheikah, originally created to aid the Hyrulean army in the battle against Calamity Ganon. Unfortunately for the Kingdom of Hyrule, they lost control of the Guardians, which cost them the war. Now, they sit dormant across the fields of Hyrule, waiting for something to kill. Guardians are some of the toughest enemies in Breath of the Wild, and they have an equally menacing Amiibo to match.

Tapping this behemoth of an amiibo will drop a chest that will randomly drop Guardian Weapons and Shields. Even better, there’s the chance that the quality of the drop will be above normal. Guardian gear is some of the best in the game. They have high offensive and defensive capabilities and have good durability. Even better, there’s a chance that the Guardian will drop rare items like Ancient Cores and Ancient Arrows.

The Guardian is easily one of the best amiibo. It’s incredibly detailed and looks great on any shelf. The downside is that tracking this amiibo down can be difficult. If you can find it for a good price, I highly recommend scooping it up — if not to use, then to display. It looks so good!


  • The figure itself is very detailed
  • Drops very rare materials and weapons


  • Takes up a lot of space on the shelf

Best for rare items

Guardian Amiibo Cropped

Guardian (Breath of the Wild)

Technology kills

The Guardian amiibo is an incredibly detailed figurine and is full to the bring with rare materials. Finding one might prove difficult.


Ganondorf Amiibo Home

Source: Zackery Cuevas / iMore

The big bad himself, this amiibo depicts Ganondorf as he appeared in Twilight Princess. Ganondorf is the embodiment of evil and has been the main antagonist in many Zelda games. His amiibo is tall and brooding, but what you might not know is that this is a very generous amiibo.

Tapping Ganondorf will drop arrows, Rupees, and Bokoblin Guts, along with some mighty two-handed weapons. You may get one of four different claymores, as well as some rare materials, like Star Fragments. There is also a chance that Ganondorf might drop a precious gem, like a Diamond, Sapphire, or Ruby. Great for crafting or making a quick buck.

Scanning Ganondorf also unlocks an exclusive weapon—the Sword of Six Sages. The only catch is that you must beat Breath of the Wild first. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a massive game, but it’s great. So beating it should be no problem. If you’re reading this, chances are you already have!


  • Drops an exclusive weapon
  • A high chance of dropping lots of rupees and gems to sell
  • All of the weapons dropped deal good damage


  • Only drops two-handed weapons
  • You have to beat the game to unlock the exclusive item

Best way to get rich quick

Ssb Ganondorf Amiibo Cropped

Ganondorf (Super Smash Bros.)

Being bad pays

Ganondorf may be the manifestation of evil, but his amiibo is very generous. Tapping him will unlock riches beyond your wildest dreams (and a few powerful swords).

Zelda (Super Smash Bros.)

Zelda Amiibo Home

Source: Zackery Cuevas / iMore

If using swords and shields aren’t your thing, and you prefer the distance of a bow, the Super Smash Bros Zelda amiibo is right for you. This amiibo depicts Zelda as she appeared in Twilight Princess. Regal and strong, the Zelda that appeared in Twilight Princess was much more mature than Zelda’s previous versions. Much less of a damsel in distress, for sure.

Tapping this amiibo will randomly spawn one of four bows: A Royal Bow, Knight’s Bow, Soldier’s Bow, and Traveler’s Bow. There’s also a chance that Zelda will drop a rare gem, like a Diamond, Sapphire, and Ruby. She’ll even drop a Star Fragment from time to time. Also, You’ll get a lot of herbs and carrots. Mix the right ingredients, and you’ll whip up something good.

Finally, Zelda drops the exclusive Twilight Bow. It’s a very good weapon and is excellent at the beginning of the game. Like Ganondorf’s drop, you’ll have to beat the game first before you can get the Twilight Bow in a drop. All in all, Zelda is a useful amiibo for players who would rather keep their distance with a long-range weapon.


  • Provides players with strong long-range options
  • The exclusive drop is one of the better bows in the game
  • Other materials provided are excellent cooking items


  • You have to beat the game to unlock the Twilight Bow

Best long-range option

Zelda Super Smash Bros

Zelda (Super Smash Bros.)

She can hold her own

Zelda is the perfect addition for players who prefer using arrows over swords. Her exclusive item, the Twilight Bow, is one of the better bows in the game.

Zelda Young Link Amiibo

Source: iMore

Young Link appears in both Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask, two classic Zelda adventures widely considered some of the best games created. To celebrate the Legend of Zelda’s 30th anniversary, Nintendo released different versions of Link from some of his most popular adventures. Young Link stands confident with his sword and Goron Mask but tapping him into the game nets you something even cooler.

Tapping the Young Link amiibo into Breath of the Wild will spawn a piece of the Fierce Deity outfit. In Majora’s Mask, the Fierce Deity Mask transformed Link into an all-powerful force. In Breath of the Wild, it’s just a costume. A cool costume, but a costume, nonetheless. It’s not all aesthetic, though; the Fierce Deity sword will also appear.

Majora’s Mask was once one of the more overlooked Zelda games but has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity. Its darker themes, unique time travel premise, and the undeniably unique world still resonate with players today. The kid is alright.


  • Provides one of the best-looking outfits in the game
  • Also grants one of the coolest-looking weapons in the game


  • Doesn’t provide much else

Best dressed

Young Link 30th

Majora’s Mask Link Amiibo

The youth

Young Link is all about aesthetics. The Fierce Deity outfit this amiibo provides is sure to impress.

It’s dangerous to go alone; take this amiibo!

Amiibo aren’t a necessary part of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but they make the game a lot easier, especially in the early stages of the game. All The Legend of Zelda amiibo work with the game, so you can still enjoy some random loot even if you don’t have any Zelda amiibo. You’ve already paid for some cool figurine; why not put it to work by scanning it into your game? Of course, with or without amiibo, Breath of the Wild is still one of the best games on the Nintendo Switch.

We totally recommend grabbing the Link amiibo from the Super Smash Bros line. It boasts many goodies, including Epona, Link’s ride for the last 20 years. While not the best horse, Epona is reliable and will get you to where you need fast. If you’re interested in larger, two-handed swords, Ganondorf is also a great addition to your amiibo collection. Lots of gems and an exclusive sword round out Ganondorf’s bounty of riches.

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