The media aren’t your enemy, NYC Chancellor David Banks — unless you treat them that way

Last week, Streetsblog reported that Schools Chancellor David Banks refused to answer its reporter’s question about dangerous traffic conditions on streets near schools. Best not make that a habit, Mr. Chancellor.

The site says Banks declined to call on Streetsblog reporter Jesse Coburn at a Department of Education Q&A session. And when Coburn approached the chancellor afterward to press for an answer, DOE escorted him from the building.

Sure, Banks has a lot on his plate, and some reporters are bent on grinding silly axes. But some answer was surely in order — the chancellor could’ve simply noted Mayor Eric Adams’ move to start running 2,000 speed cameras in 750 school zones 24/7 and promised to follow up with info on what DOE is looking to do next.

Adams took office pledging that city agencies would work together to tackle problems, so a question on DOE’s plans on students’ safety on the streets by schools was entirely kosher.

Banks didn’t need to have an immediate, in-depth response, but his minions’ kicking the reporter out of the building was a terrible one. Dealing with fair questions, even annoying ones, is part of your job, sir.

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