The mainstream media’s lies on secret migrant flights


For a classic example of shoddy, dishonest journalism that serves as pure propaganda for the Biden administration, look no further than NPR’s attempt to discredit our reporting on the secret flights ferrying illegal migrants from the southern border to unsuspecting communities around the country.

NPR did not mention The Post in Monday’s story, only its permanent bugbear Fox News and Tucker Carlson who admirably followed up, but the journalism it pooh-poohs is ours.

“Republicans and right-wing media . . . accuse the Biden administration of organizing secret migrant flights . . . but NPR’s Joel Rose reports that rhetoric is often at odds with the facts.”


A single source was interviewed, a migrant activist.

NPR assured listeners there’s nothing unusual about the surge in illegal migration, and all that’s happening with these late-night charter flights is kids are being reunited with their parents, which supposedly was routine under the Trump administration.

“Federal officials say that flights carrying migrant children happen at all hours and that they don’t release information about the children on board to protect their privacy. Biden officials say all of this was the same during the Trump administration,” the report said.

Illegal immigrants
Since Biden has taken office, the number of illegal immigrants crossing the border has exponentially increased.
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Crossings quadruple

Sorry, but there is nothing routine about 240,000 illegal migrants crossing the border in a month. That’s a city the size of Buffalo or Toledo.

It’s an exponential increase since Joe Biden dismantled Trump-era border protections. Illegal crossings quadrupled in his first two months. And he has 29 months left.

His administration has become efficient at hustling illegal immigrants from the border and out to the rest of the country so as to avoid the bad optics of 3 million illegal border crossings in their first 16 months (to May).

Charter planes from airlines such as World Atlantic, iAero, Avelo and new entrants Omni and Canada’s GlobalX fly daily from border airports such as Harlingen and El Paso, Texas, or Yuma, Ariz., to a town near you.

Luke Rosiak at The Daily Wire has just compiled data on nearly three dozen charter planes believed to have been deployed to move illegal migrants in a conveyer-belt operation in the dead of night to small airports as far afield as California, Iowa, Tennessee, Ohio, Georgia, Florida and New York.

The Post asked the White House, Customs and Border Protection and the Department of Homeland Security about the flights last year after we were tipped off to the nocturnal chicanery at the Westchester County airport.

All queries were referred to the Department of Health and Human Services, which claimed the migrants it is flying around the country are “unaccompanied children [who] passed through the Westchester airport en route to their final destination to be unified with their parents or vetted sponsor.”

But if an illegal migrant claims to be 17 and has thrown away their documents, as people smugglers advise, how do we really know how old they are? The Biden administration is releasing them so fast, there is no way to verify their ages.

A flight carrying illegal immigrants
The Biden administration claims the flights are only for reuniting children with sponsors or family in the US.
Christopher Sadowski
Border wall
Biden has relaxed many of the Trump-era border policies.
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We can see how the system can be scammed from the case of the 24-year-old Honduran immigrant busted in Jacksonville, Fla., last October for allegedly murdering his so-called sponsor. He had crossed the border a few months earlier posing as an unaccompanied child. His mug shot shows that only a mug would believe him.

I’ve watched illegal migrants get off these flights in White Plains and a significant number look to be in their late teens to early 20s. The youngest might be 16. Most are male — the cheap-labor demographic.

But even if you take the Biden administration’s word that they are all minors, then authorities are negligent about their welfare.

We have seen them picked up in buses that hurtle down Westchester highways at reckless speeds.

Illegal immigrants
The Post was hindered from photographing illegal immigrants flying out of White Plains.
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We have seen them dropped off after midnight at service areas off the New Jersey Turnpike, where no one checks the bona fides of the so-called sponsors who come to pick them up.

We have seen them dropped off at affordable-housing complexes in Yonkers and The Bronx, with no chaperones outside to ensure their safety.

The administration and agencies have stonewalled The Post’s efforts to report on this migrant-dispersal operation. They moved planes to the other side of the tarmac at White Plains to stop us photographing them. The charter buses from J&F Tours covered over their logos.

But it doesn’t take much to stop Biden’s butlers at NPR from reporting one of the biggest abuses of power in this country.

Joe’s propaganda arm

The reason the administration gets away with facilitating an invasion over the southern border is because of media incuriosity, just like what happened with Hunter Biden’s laptop.

The Fourth Estate has become a propaganda arm of the regime, as former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer says in his blistering upcoming book: “Suppression, Deception, Snobbery, and Bias: Why the Press Gets So Much Wrong — And Just Doesn’t Care.”

Among the gems he uncovers is the political affiliation of the White House press corps, “the elite of the elites,” who set the national agenda.

Of the 49 reporters in the White House briefing room on June 7, 2021, Fleischer found that “by a ratio of 12:1, the seats were occupied by Democrats.”

And boy does it show.

Ron DeSandis, Donald Trump
Ron DeSandis led Donald Trump in a recent poll.
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‘Endorse DeS, Don!’

As a new survey of New Hampshire voters shows Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, 43, ahead of Donald Trump, 76, reader Pat from Rochester weighs in on the GOP dilemma: “Donald Trump was probably one of the best captains ever to guide the great ship America. His policies, based upon a solid business acumen, assured one and all that the US was, once again, a force to be reckoned with.

“But now I fear our chances of recovering that greatness may be slipping away because of Trump’s childish narcissism. His hatred of Brian Kemp may well be his undoing, and the fact that he beats Biden by a mere 2 points shows how many former supporters have tired of his ego . . . If Trump is more concerned with revenge than with ousting our true enemy, we are doomed . . .

“I wish he would endorse Ron DeSantis.


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