The iPhone 14 Pro Max is still in stock at Mint Mobile

The iPhone 14 Pro Max has been incredibly popular, with stock almost everywhere running out very quickly. Many retailers are shipping the phone out in times of up to a month away, and some are reporting even longer. Thankfully, there looks to be some light to brighten the day of many an impatient iPhone 14 Pro Max customer – Mint Mobile has joined the fray, and it looks like the expedited shipping option is still available, suggesting there is still stock in the warehouses. You’ll also get a pretty great deal if you go through Mint – although you will have to pay upfront.

You can still find an iPhone 14 Pro Max

Even if the iPhone 14 Pro Max was in stock everywhere else, this is still a deal that is well worth considering. Six months free service is a great saving, especially when you work out that a full unlimited 5G plan could only cost the equivalent of $15 a month with the deal. You’ll pay upfront, of course, but that means that the phone is yours to do with what you will, and you won’t have to sign up for any long-term contracts with annoying cancellation fees. Sounds like a good deal to us – especially if it’s the fastest way to get an iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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