The iPad Air returns to its lowest price just in time for the holidays


The new iPad (2022) is a nice device – it comes in loads of colors, and has some cool new features like a snazzy 10.9-inch screen, new aluminum shell, and USB-C charging. The iPad Air has all these things too – and is a whole lot more powerful. The normal $150 price difference makes this make sense, but with this $100 discount on the iPad Air at Amazon, the new $50 price difference starts to seem a little strange.

Don’t buy the new iPad – buy the iPad Air for $100 off

The iPad Air is a serious slice of tablet. It gained the M1 chip from the iPad Pro to go with its stunning 10.9-inch screen, along with some clean colors and a decent camera upgrade. Usually, while it’s worth the extra $150, we’d actually recommend going for the iPad (2022) – You’ll save money, but get a very similar-looking tablet. With the current deal over at Amazon, however, the value proposition becomes a little different.


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