The excellent Unread 3 gains its own RSS syncing service and more


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If you’re someone who needs to keep tabs on the latest internet happenings, you’re probably already familiar with RSS. Unread is a great way to follow and read RSS feeds on iPhone and iPad — and with Unread 3, it’s better than ever thanks to the integration of an all-new sync service.

That sync service is one built specifically for Unread 3, dubbed Unread Cloud. It’s available for no additional free and all you need to do is create an account by using Sign in with Apple. Once done, you just add your RSS feeds and you’re done. Unread Cloud will handle syncing, too, so you’re always up-to-date across multiple devices no matter where you read your feeds.

Create or log in to an Unread Cloud account on all your devices via Sign in with Apple. With an Unread Cloud account, our servers retrieve articles from feeds, and your device retrieves those articles from our servers. This makes refreshing your account fast, reduces the battery power and bandwidth required by your device, and ensures that you do not miss articles when your device is offline.

Unread already supports third-party feed handlers like Feedly, Fever, and Feedbin, but this one is built right in and requires no additional accounts — just sign in using your Apple ID and you’re good to go.

That isn’t the only improvement in Unread 3, of course. Changes to the app icon, improved Share Sheet interactions, and changes to the Settings screen make this the best version of Unread yet — and one of the best iPad and iPhone apps at what it does, too.

You can download Unread 3 from the App Store now — it’s free with an annual subscription unlocking the premium functionality. Those who already have Unread 2 installed will see the new app ready and waiting for them, too.

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