The deep, obsessive dishonesty of the Hunter Biden laptop-deniers


The lengths Democrats and the media will go to discredit the Hunter Biden scandal continue to astound.

Douglas Wise, former Defense Intelligence Agency deputy director, admitted this week that when he saw the Hunter laptop story, he knew “a significant portion of the content had to be real.”

Yet he still signed a letter, along with 49 other officials, casting doubt on the laptop just before the 2020 election because there “could” have been disinformation inserted by the Russians.

Wise defends the letter, noting the experts said they had no proof it was a Russian plot. But these deep staters knew exactly what they were doing: By claiming there was some theoretical lie, it gave the liberal media an excuse to ignore the reality.

Weaselly “what ifs” abound to this day. In The New York Times’ recent whitewash of Hunter, the paper noted it had “verified” some emails from the laptop as authentic, “out of thousands attributed to him.”

Joe and Hunter Biden.
President Biden and his son Hunter Biden leaving church in South Carolina on Aug. 13, 2022.

New York Post cover
The Post broke the story about Hunter Biden’s laptop.


Except in the two years since we first published files from the laptop, not one piece of data has been proven false or “Russian disinformation.” No one’s even challenged any specific item.

It’s all real! Stop clinging to “maybes” to avoid the truth.


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