The best iPhone game of 2022 skipped Apple Arcade — and it’s totally free


A few weeks ago, us here iOS gamers got one of the best gifts 2022 could offer. Inevitably, people will fall into one of two camps: those who appreciate this most generous gift of free roguelike slaughter, and the rest, who are yet to be sucked into hours of thumb-aching, toilet seat-warming undead action.

That gift is Vampire Survivors, a rogue-lite “time-survival” game from Poncle (aka. developer Luca Galante), and it’s entirely free on the App Store (opens in new tab). Not at no additional cost to an Apple Arcade subscription, I mean free free. That’s an excellent deal for a decent game, but this isn’t any old thumb-twiddler: not only is this one of the best iPhone games to play right now, it’s one of the best games this year on any platform.

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