Teachers want to ‘save’ kids with social justice — try just teaching them


It’s become apparent that there are people who believe they must do everything possible to save us from ourselves. They’ve entered nearly every industry that allows them authority and have proceeded to anoint themselves as the arbiters of social change for your own good, or in the case of the educational system, for your children’s benefit.

Since the death of George Floyd, savior teachers have taken it upon themselves to force-feed the doctrine of social justice ad nauseam to the most innocent of audiences.

They’ll exclaim that these actions are for the benefit of your child’s future, but their priority will always be the upliftment of themselves because saviors never do anything without the purpose of receiving congratulatory acknowledgement.

This month, Harlem educator Billy Green was named New York State’s Teacher of the Year — but not without criticisms from parental advocates that he focuses far too much on “wokeness” over course work and basic skills. Indeed, one of his algebra lessons had little to do with math, but instead aimed to teach “the vocabulary of inequalities to empower my identities in America.”

He has often not spoken much about the topics at hand and instead spoken about identities.
Green has touted his woke curriculum.

Woke progressivism has become a framework for narcissistic saviors to mask themselves with, as it provides strategy, language and worldview that’s performative enough to garner the attention they seek without the substance to benefit anyone else.

When Green was discussing his working at lower performing schools, he’s quoted as saying “I chose to work at those schools, they didn’t choose me. They NEED me at the worst schools.”

You must possess an exceeding high amount of arrogance to believe that any employer needs you, implying failure without you. The savior always believes that their existence is empirical to your success and without them, you will inevitably fail.

When they don’t receive the recognition they feel they deserve, the savior will revert into the momentary victim as a defense mechanism. In Green’s case, him being Puerto Rican, black and gay is the reason that he believes the Department of Education doesn’t want him to supposedly “succeed” and why the mayor hasn’t said anything to him about his award.

Billy Green's New York State’s Teacher of the Year award.
Green has said that his calling is to work at failing schools.

There are some jobs that require minimal ego even when you’re one of the best in the field; teaching is one of them. There is a reason a firefighter says “I was just doing my job” after rescuing someone in dire need: it’s because they are here to serve the public and serving the public should require no congratulatory measure.

The public would find it distasteful if the same firefighter complained that they had yet to receive an award or a phone call from the mayor for their heroism and it should be equally distasteful coming from a public-school teacher.

The more parents are becoming involved in their children’s education, the bigger the threat they’ve become to uncovering this population of savior teachers. Under the authority of a savior teacher, your children’s purpose is to inflate their ego to a satisfactory manner — educational results be damned.

Billy Green with a chemistry lesson of his.
Green has been criticized by parental advocates that he focuses far too much on “wokeness” over course work.

Woke progressive saviors want your children to be subservient to the will of their ego and embrace being impaired as victims of American society. They’ll continue to flaunt their credentials and experience to make parents feel insecure about their involvement in their children’s education. But this strategy is running thin.

Our children don’t need saving, they need serving by teachers who understand they are aides for the public, not adversaries against it.

Adam B. Coleman is the author of “Black Victim to Black Victor” and founder of Wrong Speak Publishing. Follow on Substack: adambcoleman.substack.com.


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