Tackling crime must be Mayor Adams’ answer to polling woes

It sure looks like Mayor Eric Adams’ honeymoon is over, as a new poll shows only 29% of New Yorkers giving a thumbs-up to his job performance so far, against 64% who say he’s doing poor or fair work. But it’s a long way from there to divorce court.

Crucially, the Spectrum New NY1/Siena College poll found that more than seven in 10 New Yorkers fear they’ll become a victim of violent crime, and Adams’ NYPD is finally seeing some success on that front.

The NYPD’s Gun Violence Suppression Division and the patrol force have taken a record amount of guns off the streets. Shootings are down 7% this year as compared to 2021; homicides are down 9% this year.

If Adams can continue those gains and deliver a wider drop in all crime categories (major crimes are up 38%), the voters will start smiling on him again: It’s all about the results, though he’ll also need New Yorkers to see him resolving the homelessness issues that spread a different kind of fear.

Eric Adams poll graphic
Just 29% of poll respondents said that Adams’ performance was excellent or good.
Eric Adams graphic poll
Respondents also showed a high level of concern with the city’s crime.

The mayor will help his own cause if he keeps using his bully pulpit to call out state lawmakers, soft-on-crime prosecutors and judges for cutting loose suspected shooters and other recidivists to wreak continued mayhem in the community.

The city’s criminal justice system, he warned the other day, has become such a “laughingstock” that the “bad guys no longer take [the law] seriously.” More of that, sir, and don’t hesitate to name Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, state Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins and Gov. Kathy Hochul for refusing to truly fix recent justice “reforms.”


Brooklyn subway shooting
Passengers after a subway shooting in Brooklyn.
Derek French/Shutterstock

Meanwhile, keep looking for other policing innovations, using every lawful tactic to ensure that it’s the gang-bangers and other menaces who worry when they’re on the streets, not law-abiding citizens.

Heck, Adams should probably also jump on another finding from that poll: 52% said the NYPD’s budget should grow (i.e., hire more cops!), against just 17% who think it should shrink.

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