Step aside, AirTags – you can save up to 20% on Tiles trackers on Amazon


AirTags are very helpful, but as with many Apple devices, they are very expensive. What if you want the useful features of an AirTag, but you don’t want to pay the lofty price for the privilege? Tiles are a great alternative, offering some of the Airtags features for less money – and they’re especially great if you don’t use an iPhone. At the moment, the entire product range has up to 20% off at Amazon, with bundles and solos alike.

Tiles trackers deal

We all lose stuff. Just this morning, I misplaced my keys as I was on the morning bread rush, only to find them comfortably nestled between sofa cushions. Undoubtedly, this lengthy search could have easily been shrunk down had my keys had some kind of tracker that I could’ve pinged with my phone, revealing their hiding place to me, saving me the mental anguish that I really didn’t need in the morning. 


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