Splatoon 3 doesn’t need to justify its existence


In a move otherwise unusual for the company, Nintendo’s planned release of Splatoon 3 marks the second game in the franchise on one console. While core fans of the series are excited for new content, more casual or curious Nintendo fans are confused about the game’s existence. With the recent Splatfest demo behind us and the game’s release a mere week away, I definitely think that this is a game worthy of being on the Nintendo Switch.

Ancient squids

Splatoon 3 Captain Cuttlefish

(Image credit: Nintendo)

People who don’t actively engage with the Splatoon community may not see the big fuss about releasing a new game — after all, it looks so similar to Splatoon 2! These concerns are not unheard of, as Nintendo tends to reserve sequels for new hardware that shows off a new gimmick. The company didn’t even release a new game after Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, instead opting to add 48 new tracks to the game in the form of the Booster Course Pass DLC. 


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