Sonic Frontiers for Nintendo Switch review: The hedgehog’s best game in years


Despite the hedgehog’s long list of titles that amount to more misses than hits in recent years, I am always rooting for the Sonic Team and Sega to deliver a worthwhile experience. It took me roughly 25 hours, but I beat Sonic Frontiers on Switch and can say that it’s one of the hedgehog’s best 3D games in a long time, although it isn’t perfect. 

The game opens with Sonic, Tails, and Amy flying on a plane toward the Starfall Islands. Suddenly, a strange Cyberspace event swallows the friends, but Sonic manages to escape back to the Starfall Islands. Now it’s up to the hedgehog to save his captured buddies. To do that, he must run around, explore large areas, dive into Cyberspace levels, collect items, and take down massive robots. 


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