Someone is making a keyboard specifically for Procreate


If you’re a heavy user of Procreate and have always wished there was an accessory purpose-built for the app, today is a pretty good day for you.

The Shortcut Keyboard for Procreate is a small keyboard accessory built for the iPad that is designed to provide its users with a ton of shortcut keys for the app — thirty-four, to be exact.

SKFP, a shortcut keyboard, KS special version, is designed to improve the productivity of artists who use Procreate®. With 34 accessible shortcut keys, SKFP team helps you boost creativity, perform common actions on iPad® faster and speed up the Procreate® workflow.

Shortcut Keyboard for Procreate with the iPad Pro

Shortcut Keyboard for Procreate with the iPad Pro (Image credit: SKFP)

The creators of the keyboard say that it will reduce fatigue and increase your productivity with the app.


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