Someone asked Dall-E 2 to make Apple Car, the results are stunning


A YouTuber and designer has asked an AI to generate an Apple Car concept, with some pretty stunning results.

As reported by Yanko Design, Youtube John Mauriello told Dall-E 2 to create an Apple Car concept, using the text prompt of a “Minimalist Sportscar inspired by a MacBook and a Magic Mouse, built out of aluminum and glass” and inspiration from Apple’s famed designer Jonny Ive. Without mentioning Apple in the prompt, Mauriello got Dall-E 2 to create a rather sleek and stunning sports car that looks every bit the part of Apple Car.

As you can see, the concept has shades of Ferrari’s 312p prototype from the late 60s, with a sprinkling Jaguar E-type to create something that wouldn’t have looked out of place haring around Le Mans 50 years ago.

While we know almost for certain that Apple is working on an electric vehicle. We really know very little about the car and even less about its potential design. Rumors state Apple is planning an autonomous electric vehicle that could be more expensive than a Tesla. But will Apple lean towards a functional family car in the style of the Tesla Model Y or some kind of sleek performance car? Certainly, knowing Apple, a car aimed at functionality and utility seems to be more in keeping with the company’s ethos than a car made purely for driving pleasure and design, yet given Apple’s design philosophy I suppose you could argue the opposite might be true.

This concept is as much a testament to the power of AI which has been taking the internet by storm in recent months as it is to Apple’s future plan to enter the automobile industry.

Let’s just hope that if Apple does take any design inspiration from the Magic Mouse that this won’t include its incredibly inconvenient charging port underneath.


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