Some questions the ‘basement president’ is dodging


President Biden signed his latest spending boondoggle Tuesday and again failed to take any questions from the press.

Biden has appeared at just three solo press conferences this year, rarely takes spontaneous queries (might fall off the bike) and doesn’t do one-on-one interviews. The “basement strategy” Democrats employed in 2020 has become the “basement presidency.” Biden is more phantom than commander in chief.

Just a few questions Biden is dodging:

  • In April, The New York Times reported that Biden “privately told members of his inner circle late last year that he believes former President Donald Trump should be prosecuted.” Would you really have us believe that such reports didn’t put pressure on Attorney General Merrick Garland to act? Did you know that the Mar-a-Lago raid was going to happen? Are you talking to the Justice Department right now about possible charges?
  • The Post has reported that you met with a number of Hunter Biden’s business partners while you were vice president. Do you still claim you never talked to Hunter about business? What favors did you do for his clients?
  • Mayors Muriel Bowser of DC and Eric Adams of New York City are begging for federal aid to deal with waves of illegal immigrants. Why won’t you help them, or the border towns that are utterly overwhelmed? Do you admit your open borders are unsustainable? Do you have any plan to limit illegal immigration into the United States?
  • Inflation is still at record highs. The “Inflation Reduction Act” will do nothing to lower inflation, the CBO says — why was the name of the bill a lie? And do you have any actual plan to lower inflation?

And those are just a few of the topics that Biden is dodging. Obviously, his team just wants to run out the clock, hoping that if he doesn’t answer any tough questions, perhaps no one will notice how bad things are going. And it’s working: The press is touting Democrats’ amazing “successes” and Biden’s forthcoming “victory lap.”

If this is victory, we’d hate to see defeat.


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