Some Apple Watch Ultra and Apple Watch Series 8 are already having microphone problems

Some people are struggling with a number of iPhone 14 problems since its release earlier this month, but now we’re also hearing of a number of problems with Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra devices, too.

According to reports, people are experiencing problems with the microphone on affected devices, with the result being that they can no longer use features like Siri or other apps that use it.

Measurement Suspended

Apple Watch Series 8 - three of them

(Image credit: Apple)

According to multiple reports (opens in new tab) picked up by MacRumors, some new owners of Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra wearables are experiencing the microphone stopping working after a certain amount of time. A message appears on-screen that says that the app can’t use the microphone. One example is the Noise app, with the error saying that “the Noise app cannot check sound levels when Apple Watch is in Water Lock or while the microphone or speaker is in use.”

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