Should you get an iPad or a drawing tablet?

Digital drawing, architecture, and graphic design have all become incredibly convenient in recent years with wireless graphics tablets and advances in tablet technology. The current state of the iPad specifically, has made it so many artists are gravitating more and more towards iPads for their daily use. The dilemma has become, should I get an iPad or a drawing tablet? In all honesty, the answer depends on how you plan on using it. In some cases, it truly is convenient to have both.

Not sure if you need an iPad or a drawing tablet? Let’s dive in and see what works best for your needs.

iPad vs drawing tablet

Wacom tablet and iPad.  (Image credit: Zackery Cuevas / iMore)

So what exactly are the differences between an iPad and a drawing tablet? While there are similarities, they both offer very different pros and cons. Well, obviously iPads are general-use tablets that tie into the Apple ecosystem, allowing you to check emails, do online shopping, access apps, and much more. This makes it a helpful device both with drawing and anything outside of your art projects. However, you must purchase the Apple Pencil separately, as it is not included in the purchase of an iPad.

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