Secretlab MAGNUS Pro review: The best, now better


Secretlab is the household name in premium, designer gaming comfort, and build quality. It’s best known for making chairs, but last year rolled out the Secretlab MAGNUS desk, a four-legged sit-only beast that boasted immense build quality, a bombproof, super cool design, excellent cable management, a magnetic ecosystem, and lots of upgrades and customizability options. There are drawbacks to owning a desk of this magnitude, but truthfully the MAGNUS was perfection. You can imagine my surprise, then, when I got my hands on the MAGNUS Pro, the all-new sit-stand offering from Secretlab, and discovered that the Singapore-based outfit has somehow improved upon the formula that makes the MAGNUS the pinnacle of gaming perfection. 

The new approach still has some of the same drawbacks as the old one, but sit-stand functionality throws the MAGNUS Pro upwards into a price bracket where its cost finally starts to make sense. 


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