Schools Teach CRT, So Much for Jim Crow 2.0 and other commentary


Ed watch: Yes, Schools Teach CRT

Zach Goldberg and Eric Kaufmann report at City Journal that in a study they commissioned of 18- to 20-year-old Americans, 93% “of respondents reported either being taught” or “hearing from an adult at school about” critical-race-theory-related concepts. And not only is “the claim that CRT and gender ideology are not being taught” in schools “grossly misleading” — “such biased instruction is effective.” The “data show that those who report being taught CRT-related concepts” are “more likely to blame white people for racial inequality.” So “unless voters, parents, and governments act, these illiberal and unscientific ideas will spread more widely, and will replace traditional American liberal nationalism with an identity-based cultural socialism.”

Conservative: So Much for Jim Crow 2.0

Voter turnout in Georgia, “the birthplace of Jim Crow 2.0,” is smashing records, gloats The Wall Street Journal’s Kimberley Strassel. “Democrats, the media and corporate America” should apologize. President Biden told Georgians their new laws would “suppress” their vote. Major League Baseball stripped Georgia of the All-Star Game. Delta and Coca-Cola CEOs issued “moral condemnations.” The Justice Department sued. “The media lost its wig.” Yet the numbers, not just in Georgia but everywhere, “are humiliating outfits like the liberal Brennan Center,” which wailed about laws making it harder to vote. Turnout in states where there’s comparable data is already higher than at the same point in 2018. Dems clearly “erred last year in choosing to craft their midterm message around claims of GOP extremism.”

Libertarian: Cali’s Worst Special Interest

“Having a city council secretly dominated by people with racist views is troubling, but having an entire political system controlled by one special interest group is also scandalous,” declares Steven Greenhut at Reason. The Los Angeles County councilmembers recorded “making mean-spirited and bigoted comments” don’t represent “Latino interests” in an “overwhelmingly Latino city”; they “represent one faction, highlighted by the location of the clandestine meeting”: an office of the powerful Los Angeles County Federation of Labor. The Golden State has “among the nation’s worst schools, most congested freeways, persistent water shortages, the highest tax rates, the worst business climate, the largest bureaucracies, the highest pension debt, and most meddlesome regulations.” Why? Unions control the statehouse “and elect lawmakers who come from their ranks. And you wonder why public services or government contracting never are reformed?”

Eye on elex: Fetterman’s Failures 

“I’m a Pennsylvanian and have never understood” Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman’s “appeal,” writes Spectator World’s Teresa Mull. “So I decided to visit Braddock, Pennsylvania, the town of 1,800 people where Fetterman was first elected to political office.” “I searched for a restaurant or shop wherein I could chat with some locals about their wonderful former mayor.” But “storefront after storefront was closed, boarded up, falling down.” Indeed, human “life was hard to find, and I learned later” the population plummeted under Fetterman’s tenure, which had a “higher-than-average violent crime rate.” She finally found people in a general store and asked “if they thought Fetterman made their town better while he was mayor.” One “glanced at me with a look that said, ‘Are you kidding me?’” Walking Braddock’s streets is simply “the most damning Dr. Oz ad of all.”

From the right: How Joe Broke Immig Agencies

Citing a new Government Accountability Office report, the Washington Examiner editorial board explains, “President Joe Biden’s catch-and-release policies have induced so many immigrants to cross our southern border illegally that the Border Patrol cannot process them fast enough and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement cannot keep track of where they go.” The Biden-invited surge left Border Patrol without “the staff needed to process immigrants fast enough to prevent its facilities from becoming overcrowded.” Team Biden handed some of the work off to ICE, which also lacks the trained staff to handle the unending surge, so that fully half the record number of illegal migrants admitted “are just floating about the country.”

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