Scarlet and Violet will be the most approachable Pokémon games yet thanks to one key feature

There’s something very special about Pokémon. It’s one of the few games that appeals to people of different ages and skill levels. I know a number of people who have only bought a Switch so they can play Pokémon. Part of the series’ appeal is that it provides a simplified creature-collecting RPG that also has a lot of depth to it. Players can skim the surface of the adventure and still have fun, or they can dive into the more complex reaches with EV training, competitive battling, shiny hunting, or breeding. 

In many ways, Pokémon is like an entry-level RPG, but there has still been one element that some players find offputting: grinding to gain experience points. Thankfully, the upcoming Scarlet and Violet are introducing a new mechanic called Auto Battles that will make leveling up far less monotonous. Meaning, the games will be more approachable to players. 

A tedious and outdated affair for some

Pokemon Red On Game Boy Color Focused

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I’ve been playing the core Pokémon games since Red and Blue released on Game Boy in 1996. My younger brothers were the ones that first introduced me to the creature-collecting adventure. However, over the years, my siblings stopped playing Pokémon while I kept with it. 

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