Save 30% off Bose’s beautifully designed noise-canceling 700 headphones on Prime Day


Sometimes, there’s more to life than noise-canceling and good sound quality. While the Bose NC 700 headphones deliver on both these points, they also deliver on design, an element that’s just as important for many of us. They’re also great on another point for the next two days as well: You can find them on Amazon for $269, or 29% off. This makes them $20 cheaper than their previous lowest price, and a very tempting deal for those looking for a nicer-looking pair of wireless cans.

This deal will only last for the two days of Prime Day, so if you want this price, then you’ll want to move fast!

Bose Nc 700 Prod

Bose NC 700 headphones | $110 off at Amazon

If you’re after a great-looking pair of noise-canceling headphones, then the Bose NC 700 are the way to go. There’s some great active noise cancelation (ANC) on board, as well as some great sound to make these very pretty headphones a great deal, and very tempting at their lowest price ever.

$269 at Amazon

The Bose NC 700 have everything you need out of a set of wireless noise-canceling headphones. There are 11 levels of ANC so you can choose how much of the outside world you want to let in, and there’s built-in support for Alexa and Google Assistant. There’s a very respectable 20 hours of battery life on tap, along touch controls so you can swipe and press on the earcups to change tracks or manipulate volume levels. They also sound great, with deep full bass and crisp highs and mids.

What the Bose NC 700 do better than most other headphones on the market is their design. The headband is a metal loop, and the earcup sliders are smooth and easy to adjust. They might not fold, but what you lack in portability is made up in how they look. They’re available in silver and black, with matching colored leather earcups for comfort. They aren’t cheap usually, at $379, but $100 off might change your mind if you’re looking for a pair of great-looking headphones and don’t want to shell out for the expensive AirPods Max.

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